On behalf of the folks at the Soldiers of the Cross Cowboy Fellowship let me give you a big welcome and thank you for coming and being a part of our service this morning. We are a church that wants to encourge and lift up one another through the Word of God, and let our love for Jesus be an example. A timely message in a simple way to reach the cowboy or anyone who wants to be a part of Kingdom building. We hope you will enjoy our fellowship as much as we enjoy having you there. - Danny Brey, Pastor

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30 May 2021
Church In the Dirt

Join us with an Outdoor Service with Lunch to follow

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10 July 2021
Family Fun Day at SummerFun

Bring your family to a fun day at summer fun. Details to follow

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7 August 2021
Top Golf Fellowship Night

Enjoy a night at Waco Top Golf Got skills, we'll see.

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Welcome to Soldiers of the Cross Cowboy Fellowship

We are committed to serving people with the Good News of Jesus Christ and believe the following. The Bible is God’s Word for mankind, illuminated by the Holy Spirit. It contains everything needed for life and godliness. It is a lamp for our feet and a light for our path. God’s Word is also the sword of the Spirit, our only offensive weapon in the full armor of God, to stand against the devils temptations and attacks. Mankind has been separated from God by sin and the wages of sin is death, but Jesus died on our behalf that whoever believes in Him will have eternal life. Salvation is a gift of God’s grace through our faith in Jesus Christ. Salvation comes with God’s assurance that we know we have eternal life and that no one can remove us from the security of His hand The church is the body of Christ working together to spread the message of salvation and to equip God’s people for service in the Kingdom.

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I never felt at home at any Church I attended or visited until I was introduced by Lestor Parrot to this Church and the wonderful people. The people are second only to the wonderful message I receive each Sunday. I have found my wonderful jumping off place to go home to be with my Lord. If you can, please come visit. You may find your home, as I did.

-Clint Stone

Church shouldn't be about what your wearing but how you worship.

- H Chavez

This a awesome place to hear a great message from God, through Danny Brey. Great fellowship. .

< -Debbie Barton